Admissions at BIAS

Admissions for the Academic Session 2018-19 have been closed.

All seats in B.Tech. ECE and CSE are full.

Many seats in MCA programme have remained vacant. However, for the Session 2018-19, admissions have been closed.

Why seek admission in BIAS?

  1. Excellent record of Campus placements (about 85% for MCA and 80% for B.Tech.).
  2. Excellent (mild) climate of Bhimtal and excellent work environment for teaching-learning.
  3. Hostel facility for all the admitted students.
  4. Excellent facilities for co- and extra-curricular activities.
  5. Experienced faculty.
  6. 100 Mbps broadband Internet connectivity for Hostels.
  7. Affordable tuition fee and hostel charges in comparison to other reputed professional institutions in non-govt. sector.
  8. Parental care by Faculty and staff.
  9. In-house primary medical treatment facility and own ambulance facility.

Fee Summary (Applicable for the year 2018-19) (inclusive of lodging and boarding) (amount in Rs.)

 Semester wise Fee Ist Sem. IInd Sem. IIIrd Sem. IVth Sem Vth  Sem VIth Sem. VIIth Sem. VIIIth Sem. Total for entire degree programme

B. Tech.

(4 years programme)


1,02,915* 69,300 71,815 69,300 71,815 69,300 71,815 69,300 5,95,560
B. Tech. (Lateral Entry) (3 years programme) Nil Nil 1,02,915* 69,300 71,815 69,300 71,815 69,300 4,54,445


(3 years programme)

1,05,915* 72,300 74,815 72,300 74,815 49,000 NA NA 4,49,145

MCA (Lateral Entry)

(2 years programme)

Nil Nil 1,05,915* 72,300 74,815 49,000 NA NA 3,02,030

*  The above fee includes Rs. 23,000 refundable security money, and  Rs. 5,000 as admission fee. The fee could change from time-to-time.

For details of the fee, please download the fee structure .

Uniform Shades for Students.

Blazer   Navy Blue
Shirt White
Pant Dove Gray