Central Library

BIAS Central Library

“A library becoming richer over time is an honorable part of Institution’s pride. A library is not a luxury, but one of the necessities for the intellectual pursuit of excellence”.

BIAS Central Library enjoys the reputation of being the heart of the Institute.

BIAS Central Library has 16,400 volumes of books. Every year on-an-average about 2,000 volumes are getting added. Besides text books, the Library also has good number of reference materials, CDs, scientific journals, e-journals (3000 nos.), periodicals, books of general interest; India, Uttarakhand, literature, art, religion, nutrition, yoga, biographies, health and so on.

The Central Library also has a good number of books, tourist guides, poetry compilations, books on forests etc. specifically relevant to Uttarakhand (Kumaon and Garhwal).

Besides the main library hall, there is a separate Reading Room for undisturbed studies.

The Board of Governors in its 14th Meeting has approved a budget grant of Rs. 6,00,000/- for books and journals for the year 2018-19.

The library subscribes 32 periodicals, 16 magazines including technical titles and 16 journals from both national and international publications.

Alumni and others are invited to donate classical published material to the BIAS Library and offer suggestions for faster growth of the Library.

Journals and Periodicals

  • IETE Journal of Research
  • IETE Journal of Education
  • IETE Technical review
  • Journal of Institution of Engineers – Electrical Division
  • Journal of Institution of Engineers – Electronics & Telecom. Division
  • Journal of Institution of Engineers – Computer Engineering Division
  • Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge
  • Indian Journal of Radio & Space Physics
  • Journal of Computer Science
  • Resource , Energy & Development
  • SESI ( Journal of the solar energy society of India)
  • Telecommunications (Indian Journal of telecom)

Digital Library: During last few years IT (specifically internet) has changed the way in which information and data is getting shared. To cope with this global trend, BIAS has taken the initiative by adding Dspace Digital Library to its domain. Dspace is a software developed by MIT and HP labs. for the Institute to develop institution repository. Digital library in a sort span of 9 month has acquired which includes research articles, thesis. E-books and links to 50 open access journals.

It has sound hardware supports with Xeon 4 server with mass storage array (MSA) with a capacity of 730 GB of storage space.