Computer Labs


Computer Laboratories at BIAS

Well equipped labs are available for students for instructional and research purposes. Following are some of the available facilities:

One Compaq Proliant Server 400 (P-III Processor550Mhz/ Cache Size(L1/L2) 32/512KB/512 MB SD RAM/20GB HDD+60 GB SCSI) is connected in LAN Environment running Fast Ethernet (10/100 Mbps) to cater the needs of 10 IBM PIV (2.2 GHz / 128 / 256MB SDRAM) and 20 Compaq Celeron (20 GB HDD, 128 MB RAM) PCs for the successful running of ORACLE 8i, Visual Studio, Multisim 2003, Ultiboard, Matlab etc.

One IBM Xeon Server (1024 MB RAM, 40 GB SCSI ) with a dual processor to support students and faculty project work related with Eclipse, DB2, WSAD etc .

One IBM Server is connected in LAN environment (Fast Ethernet 10/100 Mbps) with 30 IBM PIV (2.2 GHz , 128/ 256 MB SD RAM) and COMPAQ PIV (1.5 GHz, 40 GB HDD) to cater the requirements of Internet surfing, downloading, uploading of data as well as to fulfill the requirements of Programming environment like Computer Graphics, Web Designing and Internet Programming etc.

Unix server with I/O Specialix Card connected with 5 VT 100 terminals. Unix server can also be accessed through Easy Term and Telnet from all PC’s in LAN.

One state-of-the-art Server with a Dual processor and parallel processing feature and approximately 90 Desktops PCs with the latest configuration are available for further enhancement of the Computing Environment.

Available Software

System Software: Win 98, Win XP SP2, Win 2000 SP4, Longhorn Beta edition, Red Hat Linux Enterprise edition ver.3, UNIX ver 5.0 etc.

Application software: Oracle 8i, Visual Studio 2005, .Net, SQL Server 2005, DB2, WSAD, Multisim, UltiBoard etc.

Mcafee Antivirus ASaP Subscription : Licensed Version

MSDN Academic Alliance support which provides latest products and releases for Applications, Operating Systems, Development kit etc.

             Besides above, the Institute is very receptive to the requirements of the students and staff as well as the trainers for procurement, installation and operationalization use of any advanced software.