Highlights of Activities in September, 2016

  • Highlights of Activities in September, 2016

    Highlights of Activities in September, 2016 (Starting with latest)

    Meeting of the Board of Governors held on 30.09.2016

    Eleventh Meeting of the Board of Governors of the Institute was held on 30.09.2016. As Padma Bhusan Dr. S.K. Joshi, Chairman, BoG (Former Director General, CSIR, New Delhi) could not attend on account of health problems, the Meeting was Chaired by Prof. M. K. Mishra (Vice Chancellor, BIT Mesra, Ranchi, Former Vice Chancellor, Lucknow University). Major recommendations included: (1) D.A. of all the staff to be increased by 15%, (2) Gratuity increased to Rs. 10.00 lakh, (3) Creation of R&D Fund of Rs. 5.00 lakh, (4) Revised Budget Estimate for BIAS for the year 2016-17 and so on.      

    BoG Meeting Sept., 2016


    BoG Meeting 30 Sept., 2016: L to R first row: Prof. V.K. Tewari (DG, Graphic Era University, Dehradun), Prof. Jha (Registrar, Indira Gandhi Women Technical University, Delhi), Prof. P. K. Garg (Vice Chancellor, Uttarakhand Technical University, Dehradun), Prof. P. K. Pande (Former Vice Chancellor, Roorkee University), Prof. M. K. Mishra (Vice Chancellor, Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, Ranchi), Prof. R. C. Pant (Former Vice Chancellor, Kumaun University); second row: Prof. Krishna (Registrar, Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, Ranchi), Prof. B. S. Bisht (Director, BIAS, Former Vice Chancellor, G.B. Pant University, Pantnagar), Prof. Sitanshu Dey (Asstt. Professor, BIAS Bhimtal), Prof. Abhay Kumar Sharma (Asstt. Professor, BIAS Bhimtal)    

    Lecture on Entrepreneurship and Start-up Opportunities

    Dr. R. T. Patil, Chief Technical Advisor, Innovations, Bhopal delivered a talk on “Entrepreneurship and Start-up Opportunities for Engineers” at BIAS on 19.09.2016. Dr. Patil has held various scientific and administrative positions in ICAR as well as Technological Institutions of repute. He obtained his M. Tech. degree from IIT Kharagpur, and Ph.D. from University of Saskatchewan (Canada). Audience were the final year students of B. Tech. and MCA as well as faculty members. Others those who attended the talk included: Air Vice Marshall P. S. Rautela, Brig. H. M. Pant, DIG Shri Vinod Kumar Joshi, Entrepreneur Mod. Anwar Khan, Mrs. Khan, Mrs. Vimla Bisht, Mrs. Nalini Patil and others. Dr. Patil presented overview of the concepts, government policies, facilities, options, case studies on the subject. Prof. B. S. Bisht, Director, BIAS Chaired the Session. Earlier, Dr. Patil also presented a talk on “Business e-mail writing” for the final year students. The lecture followed discussion and question answers. 


    Dr. R. T. Patil delivering lecture on Entrepreneurship and Start-up Opportunities

    Audience in Dr. Patil's Lecture

    Audience in Dr. Patil’s lecture

    Viswakarma Puja on 17.09.2016

    Viswakarma puja was organized at BIAS in the Mechanical Workshop on 17.09.2016 starting at 9.00 AM. Faculty members, all the staff and students participated.  



    Viswakarma Puja organized at BIAS on 17.09.2016 as mark of respect for tools                                                   and technology and prayers for safety and productivity.  

    Prof. B. S. Bisht, Director delivers talk on recent advances in Science and Technology 

    Prof. B. S. Bisht, Director, BIAS was invited by the Uttarakhand Science Education and Research Centre, Dehradun to deliver a talk on “Advances in Science and Technology – Exploring Road-map for Uttarakhand State”. Prof. Bisht delivered the talk on 14.09.2016 at USERC Conference Hall, Dehradun. The audience included scientists and officials of USERC, government departments and NGOs.  It was the Inaugural talk in series of talks on the subject “Science and Technology Roadmap for Uttarakand State”.

    Prof B S Bisht, Director with USERC Scientists

    Prof. B. S. Bisht, Director, BIAS with scientists and officials at USERC, Dehradun


    Director Chairs Governing Council Meeting of Govt. Engg. College, Dwarahat

    Prof. B. S. Bisht, Director, BIAS chaired the Meeting of Governing Council of Bipin Chandra Tripathi Kumaun Government College of Engineering and Technology, Dwarahat (Almora) held on 14.09.2016 at Dehradun. The meeting was mainly to finalize and approve procurement of new equipment under TEQUIP-II; a World Bank funded project of the Government of India and Utatrakhand State Government.  

    Affiliation Committee of Uttarakhand Technical University visits BIAS

    For inspection towards extension of affiliation, a Committee from Uttarakhand Technical University visited the Institute on 10.08.2016. It is Chaired by Dr. Dharmendra Singh, from IIT Roorkee.  


    Affiliation Committee visits BIAS

    Freshers’ Welcome

    Formal Welcome Function for Freshers of the Institute was organized by the second year students on 08.09.2016. The programme included introduction by the freshers, their hobbies, display of their talent in music, poetry, jokes, acting etc. The programme was followed by dinner hosted by the seniors welcoming the juniors.

    Freshers Welcome Function

    A Fresher showcasing her talent 


    Miss and Mr. First Year with Organizers

    Audience at Freshers Night

    Audience of Seniors and Freshers

    Free and Open Source Software, and MOOCs sponsored by IIT Bombay

    The above programmes were started for the new batches on 07.09.2016 at BIAS. FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) and MOOCs (Massive Online Open Course ware) for online certification sponsored by  IIT Bombay were inaugurated on 07.09.2016 by the Director, BIAS. Students of third year B. Tech. programme have registered for the programme. 



    FOSS learning programme and MOOCs briefing – inauguration at BIAS

    Aspiring Minds conducts AMCAT at BIAS

    For final year students of B.Tech. and MCA programmes, the company Aspiring Minds, conducted All India AMCAT test on 07.09.2016. A total of 124 students appeared for the AMCAT. The scores are used by many companies to offer jobs to the successful candidates.

    AMCAT Test by Aspiring Minds 01

    AMCAT (Test) in progress

    Meeting of Directors and Chairmen of UTU Affiliated Institutes at Dehradun

    Meetings were held at the Uttarakhand Technical University, Dehradun on 06.09.2016. The first meeting was of the Directors with the Vice Chancellor and Senior Officials of UTU. The second Meeting was held in the afternoon between the Chairmen of the Affiliated Institutes and the Vice Chancellor Prof. P. K. Garg and Senior Officials of UTU. Prof. B. S. Bisht, Director, BIAS participated in both the meetings and represented BIAS.  Issues discussed included: (1) Date and preparations for the UTU Convocation, (2) Last date for submission of the records of newly admitted students, (3) pending results, (4) Academic Calendar of UTU for 2016-17, (5) new syllabus, (6) policy with respect to Year-Back/ back papers  examinations etc.

    Teachers’ Day Celebrated

    Teachers’ Day was celebrated at BIAS on 05.09.2016. Students of first year arranged the programme. It comprised of thanks giving to teachers, songs, dances, instrumental music (table, flute), poetry recitation, and address by the Director. Details will be uploaded soon.

    All classes held in Full Swing

    With the process of admissions completed and finally closed on 31.08.2016 for the new Academic Session 2016-17, all the lecture classes, practicals, tutorials, project work have been in full swing for all the batches. The Institute Campus is humming with academic and co-curricular activities.


    First year students learning manufacturing processes in Mechanical Workshop.

    Expert Lectures from abroad   

    Through video conferencing, lectures are being taken by experts located in different places and organizations for BIAS students. One such starting interactive lecture was on 03.08.2016 at 5.30 PM (IST). It was on “Business Analytics”. Yet another lecture was held on 04.09.2016.  The lectures were delivered by executives of Naini InfoTech (USA) namely Mr. Shashi Tewari, and Mr. Gopal from Chicago (USA), and Mr. Neeraj Pant joining them from Gurgaon (India) simultaneously. It was a class of final year students participating in the lectures. BIAS is thankful to Naini InfoTech for their valuable inputs, cooperation and advise. The programme was coordinated by Dr. Sandesh Tripathi. He is also the Coordinator for B. Tech. (CSE) degree programme.       

    Lecture from Chicago_02

    Lecture from Chicago and Gurgaon (as on 03.09.2016) by Naini Infotech executives

    Lecture from Chicago_01

    Final year students in the Class through video conferencing

    Faculty Seminar 

    Mr. Inder Singh Bisht, Assistant Professor (Contract) delivered Faculty Seminar on 03.09.2016 on the topic “Hydrogen Energy”. The Seminar was attended by faculty Members and Final Year students. It was chaired by the Director. Coordinator for Faculty Seminars is Dr. (Mrs.) Shilpi Bisht. It is a bi-monthly activity at BIAS.    

    Self Defence Training starts for Girl Students

    Self Defence Training for first year girl students of BIAS has been made mandatory. This training has started on 01.09.2016. The training is being imparted by professional trainers from Nainital. A total of 52 newly admitted girl students of the Institute have started getting the training. Objectives of this training are: (a) confidence building, and (b) to prepare themselves scientifically for safety in case of need. 


    Self Defence training – Trainer (Mr. Shan), Faculty Incharge (Dr. Shilpi Bisht) with student trainees

    Guitar Classes Start

    Institute sponsored classes for learning guitar have stared at BIAS in evening hours on 01.09.2016. Trainer is Mr. Sanjay, a professional guitarist. A total of 25 students have enrolled for these classes (15 at primary level, and the rest at higher level). Mr. Nitin Chhimwal, Assistant Professor is the Faculty Incharge for Cultural Activities besides being Coordinator for Training and Placements.   

    Guitar learning classes at BIAS

    Sports and Games activities start

    With Academic Session in full swing, students have also started engaging themselves during evening hours in various sports and games namely: Football, Cricket, Basketball, Volleyball, Table Tennis and Badminton. Football ground which could not be used during July – September during earlier years on account of water logging, is now being used during August and September. It is due to excess rainfall water drainage system in place and mechanical grass cutter (petrol engine operated) being used to control grasses. Faculty Incharge for Sports and Games at BIAS is Dr. Neeraj Pandey, Associate Professor.