Vision & Mission


BIAS would emerge as a vibrant and socially most relevant institution in the region contributing to the development of high quality human resource and setting standards of excellence in its areas of its functioning.


To empower the youth for the highest level of technical, scientific and managerial roles in public and private sectors and entrepreneurship by imparting most modern, inclusive and relevant education and inculcating in them highest order of human values.


To be recognized as the best educational and vibrant research institution in north India in the disciplines of studies at BIAS.


1. To impart internationally competitive quality education to the youth in congruence with the wishes and values of its promoter.

2. To encourage research in all the departments of the Institute and seek participation of the students in research work.

3. To develop state of the art laboratories and infrastructure in order to facilitate better teaching-learning environment in the institute.

4. To develop and implement programmes for helping entrepreneurs in nearby areas as part of the institutional responsibility.

5. To develop linkages and collaboration with other teaching, research, extension, and developmental organizations as well as institutions of the Birla Group.

6. To undertake other activities for promotion of quality education, research and technology transfer in the area of Institute’s functioning and overall development of highly skilled human resource.


Birla Institute of Applied Sciences is committed to pursue excellence in academics, research and human resource development in the disciplines of its functioning through quality consciousness at all levels, sense of ownership on the part of all the functionaries, responsive approach, transparency, safety for all the stake holders and the eco-system, knowledge management though continued improvement of skills, appropriate organisational structure, state-of-art systems and creating attractive work environment.


Birla Institute of Applied Sciences is committed to continuously evolve and employ innovative systems with its boundaries for ensuring safety of its students, all the staff, trainees, its assets, knowledge and the eco-system. It would call upon the cooperation, participation and adherance to norms on the part of all the stake holders through safety awareness, regulatory measures and employing newer technologies and systems.