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Applied Physics:

The Applied Physics section being one of the oldest section of the department provides facilities for students to do research-oriented projects in Semiconductor Physics, Opto-physics and Laser Technology. The section offers core courses with a curriculum aimed at exposing students to research and development in Advanced Engineering Physics including Quantum Theory, Relativistic Theory, Advanced Optics, Lasers and Photonics.The physics lab is fully equipped with modern equipments such as four-probe & Hall- Effect setups for Solid-State Applications, B-H curve & conductivity setups for Material Science Applications, Spectrometer, Polarimeter and He-Ne laser for Optical Application.

Applied Chemistry:

The Applied Chemistry section offers a curriculum exhibiting an advanced level of understanding of the principles of chemistry and their applications to problem solving in Chemical engineering. The section offers courses in Engineering Chemistry and Environmental Chemistry including Polymers, Engineering Materials, Waste Water Chemistry, Lubrication and Instrumentation. The chemistry lab is equipped with spectrophotometric, viscometric & pH-metric analysis setups, De-Mineralizer plant, electronic chemical balances, electric oven, distillation plant, Melting point apparatus and suction pump setup etc.

Applied Mathematics:

The Applied Mathematics section offers courses to UG and PG students of various engineering disciplines and caters to their needs in the areas of Applied Mathematics, Computational Techniques, and Computer Applications. Besides core courses in Engineering Mathematics up to IVth Semester and Computer based Numerical and Statistical Techniques, it also offers an elective course in Optimization Techniques for the final year students and a laboratory course in Numerical Techniques specifically designed to meet the requirements of the industry in the area of computer applications.


The humanities section offers core courses in English Language, Professional Communication, and Industrial Management. Keeping pace with the specific industrial demands, the section has also introduced Industrial Economics & principals of management of Science, Organizational Behavior including Interpersonal & Group Processes and Dynamics, with courses as diverse as Value Education.